12 Days of Giveaways

The Gnomish of the Day 12 Day Giveaway is a social media contest running on the Gnomish Detroit Facebook and Instagram pages December 7th - 18th. Contest is not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram in any way.

Terms and conditions apply. Contest is open to residents worldwide. No exchanges or modifications. Prize contains no cash value. Offer subject to change.

How the Contest Works

Beginning Monday, December 7th, a Gnomish will be listed on the Gnomish Detroit website [www.gnomishdetroit.com] in the Gnome Shop. He will be totally FREE. Zero cost, zero shipping. All you will have to do is be the first to snatch him up and check out.
How will you know the magic time the little guy will appear? That’s the fun part! Every day for 12 days, a post will go live on both Facebook and Instagram, featuring the Gnomish Giveaway of the Day and a riddle. Solve the riddle and you’ll discover the time he will be listed. It could be 5 minutes from the time the post goes live or 5 hours. You'll never know!
The times will be valid for that day ONLY and all times are EST. We reset each day. So you’ll have to pay attention to social media, solve the riddle, and set your alarm every day to increase your chances of winning!
Participant Expectations 
  • Please engage with each post. Like, comment, and share! But...
  • Don’t give away the answer to the riddle in the comments. That’s no fun!
  • Only one winner for each day, 1-11. If you win one of those days, we kindly ask that you refrain from participating in the other days. You can still show some love on the post and solve the riddle; just let someone else win the checkout battle. This will be completely honor system based and we hope you will respect this request.
  • Day 12 will still be the BIG ONE. Everyone can try for that one whether you’ve won or not.
  • Make sure your shipping address is correct. Gnomishes will be sent to the address exactly as inputted by the customer. No exceptions for misdirected or lost mail.
  • Be kind. We know this is different than us doing a drawing and it will inevitably cause some irritation and frustration for some - but it’s honestly meant to be FUN. We hope you take each day for the whirlwind of excitement and chaos it will be. If you snag a Gnomish, that’s just a bonus. 

 Gnomishes will go live in the Gnome Shop HERE