Our Story

Gnomish Detroit® is a Detroitish home-based business, run by a free-spirited woman who believes Gnome Maker should have been a legit option during Career Day. After years of impersonating a (semi) normal facade in the corporate marketing world, Gnomish Detroit® was officially established in 2019 and an unrealized dream came true! (yep... take THAT Career Day facilitators of the 90's 😜)

Creating our Gnomishes brings a wondrous joy; an extra big smile and a little dance party accompany each one upon completion. And we, without a doubt, have the BEST customers. Seriously. The BEST!

Gnomishes are not your typical gnomes. They are spunky and modern. They are already well established in the gnome community and you can identify a Gnomish, simply by looking at him. Every home needs a modern gnome. Every home needs a Gnomish.

Thank you for supporting our small business! We are thrilled to see you here!

Gnomish Detroit® Core Values

INTEGRITY: We build lifelong relationships by operating with the highest level of trust, honesty, and transparency.

PASSION: We put every ounce of our heart and soul into making the world smile, one Gnomish at a time.

CREATIVITY: We look at everything differently and always allow imagination to run wild and free.

AUTHENTICITY: We are genuine and original, aligning our values with our actions.

BALANCE: We consistently nourish our souls by allowing time + space to practice being our best selves - professionally, personally, and spiritually.