Combined Shipping Policy

📦If you end up purchasing multiple gnomes in multiple transactions, we can combine shipping for you if you kindly adhere to the following steps:

  1. Make your initial purchase and pay shipping costs.
  2. Make a second, third, fourth, etc. purchase and enter code COMBINE on each order to subtract additional shipping charges. I will match up your invoices and ship all your gnomes together


  • The COMBINE code should only be used once the shipping fee has been paid once. There will be absolutely NO SHIPPING REFUNDS if the code is not used in your subsequent purchases. So don't forget to use it if you are making an additional purchase.
  • Additionally, if the code is unrightfully used on a single purchase, your order will not ship until shipping costs are paid. 
  • When requesting combined shipping, all transactions must have the same shipping address.  
  • This code is ONLY VALID ON MULTIPLE GNOMISH GNOME TRANSACTIONS. It's not applicable on coffee mugs, socks, or cards. Please only use the code when completing the purchase of a SECOND Gnomish gnome in the same night.
  • Combined shipping is available to US customers only. 
This is the easiest solution we have found for our website platform. As a small business, we want to be able to connect and work with you. Thank you for helping make this possible!